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It is the first day of August which means my birthday is only 9 days away!!! Leo season is the best season(that’s a very Leo thing for me to say but oh well). You best believe I will be posting another birthday post.  If you missed my post last year, it was my favorite recipe! Check it out here. Sorry, excuse the interruption, here is the rest of the post!! 

My cousin Dani came over for the day and we wanted to make something light for dinner. We decided to make this soup her family always makes. It is SUPER easy and delicious. You seriously just need to know how to boil water and cook rice lol.  Lucky for you I already have a blog post on how to make this rice exactly the same way!


SOUP - 4 Chicken Bouillon - 4 cups Water - 4 tbs. Chicken Bouillon - 1 tsp. Salt

TOPPINGS - Avocado - Fresh Cilantro - Tomatoes - Lemon - Cholula - Cabbage - Raddish

  1. Boil chicken in water with chicken bouillon and salt.

  2. Cook the rice. Check my blog post for spanish rice.

  3. Take the chicken out and shred it with forks, or ,if you're patient enough to let it cool, by hand.

  4. Put the shredded chciken back in the pot. It is ready to serve!

  5. Put the soup and chicken mixture in a bowl. Add the rice and toppings as you like.


So the first thing you want to do is boil your water and add the chicken breasts, chicken bouillon, and salt. 

Before we move on if you don’t know how to make Spanish rice head on over to this post. This is also really easy once you get the recipe down! Once the chicken is boiling, get your rice cooking. This takes about 20 minutes. 

While your rice and chicken cook cut up your toppings. We diced avocado and tomato. Lemon and Cholula also took this soup to the next level.

Once the chicken has cooked take it out of the pot and shred it with two forks or wait for it to cool and do it by hand. Add it back to the same pot. You’re literally ready to serve. That was it. Rice and chicken. Boom.

In order to serve, you start by putting the chicken and broth in a bowl.

Then add rice on top.

Add your toppings. This is the diced avocado and tomatoes. 

Then I squeezed lemons over the whole thing and a bit of Cholula.

I added a couple tortilla chips for a cute garnish and voila! 

There are soooo many different toppings you could add to change up the flavors. Some cilantro on top of this would have really been the bomb, but we didn’t have any 🙁 It was still delicious though. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Let me know if you try it and what you put as your toppings! Stay tuned for next weeks blog post and be sure to subscribe below! Also, don’t be shy, add me on my different social media accounts! Let’s be friends

 “Soups cute”- @dani.california95 My cousin came up with that and she didn’t even realize it

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