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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there are sooo many options on what you can do to make it special for your loved ones. This recipe is perfect for the whole family!

  •  1 box Pancake Mix follow directions on box for amount of mix, I made for 6 pancakes

  •  ⅔ cup Milk

  •  1 tbs Vanilla Extract

  •  1 heart shaped cookie cutter

  •  1 tbs Butter or PAM nonstick spray

  •  ½ cup Strawberries

  1. Turn on your skillet and put it on medium heat so it can get evenly hot.

  2. Mix together the ingredients according to your box panacake mix. My box is very basic with two ingredients. I like to spice it up by adding a tbs. of vanilla extract.

  3. Turn your skillet down to a lower heat setting. Rub some butter (or spray nonstick spray) on the skillet.

  4. Place your cookie cutter on the skillet over where you placed the butter. My cutter is nonstick, but if yours is not I recommend rubbing some butter over the insides.

  5. Pour a very thin layer on the bottom of your heart. Spread with a spoon so it is touching every corner of the mold.

  6. Once the batter is bubbling you can take the mold off the skillet. My mold is still cool enough to touch but be careful and test yours before grabbing it!

  7. Once the mold breaks off clean, flip your pancake.

  8. Cut up some strawberries for a side and voila! You're done.


I made this recipe as simple as possible and easy to achieve. I spiced up the plain box recipe. I added milk instead of water and I added a splash of vanilla. Nothing toooo crazy.

I used a flat iron skillet and turned the heat on medium-high. For my stove, that’s about an 8. I do this so the pan is completely hot and will cook my pancake as evenly as possible.

While I waited for the skillet to get hot, I mixed together the box mix, 2/3 cup of milk, and 1 tbs. of vanilla extract.

Before you are ready to cook the pancake, turn down the heat to low medium, about a 3. Now that the batter is ready I spread a bit of butter on the pan. Then get my heart cookie cutter and place it over the butter. Side note: My cookie cutter is nonstick, if yours isn’t or you’re not sure, give it a good rub of butter on the inside. You are going to want to pour a very thin layer in the mold. They will rise and they will not cook through if there is too much batter.

Once the batter starts to bubble, that means it is ready to flip. But before you can flip you need to take the mold off. For me, the mold did not get really hot, it was actually cool. But of course, check it before you go in like a mad woman (or man) and burn yourself. Don’t blame me for any burns okay? okay.

The mold should come off clean right away. Once you get the mold off, flip the pancake over, it really shouldn’t splatter when you flip it, but maybe I am just really good at pancake flipping now.

Once you get through your batter, get them all dressed up and cute. Strawberries are a really cute way to dress them up and in a yummy way! For kids of chocolate lover you could add chocolate chips to the batter. Another way to classically add flavor is butter and syrup 😋

I really hope you guys enjoyed this recipe! It is super easy to get ready the night before and heat up in the morning as well. I think doing little things like this show your loved ones you care and put some thought in showing them love. If you wanna get crazy you could even do this every couple of months randomly to show your love. Whatever is manageable for you!


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