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I had never really thought to look up how to make the frosting until lately. Surprisingly it is really easy and doesn’t take too many ingredients. If you want a simple and quick icing recipe you’re in the right place! 


servings 30 cupcakes

- 1 cup Butter

- 4 cups Powdered Sugar

- 2 tsp Vanilla Extract

- 1 tbs Milk

  1. Begin by beating room-temperature butter with an electric mixer.

  2. Then slowly add in the powdered sugar, one cup at a time.

  3. Once that is mixed well, add the vanilla and the milk.

  4. Done! Decorate to your heart's content.


The ingredients are super simple! Only vanilla, sugar, butter, and milk. The milk is only needed if the consistency comes out a bit thick. I used a small amount of milk to help smooth it out. You begin by beating room temperature butter and slowly adding in the powdered sugar. Once that is pretty mixed add in the vanilla and if needed add some milk.

Start filling your piping tool or piping bag to begin decorating.

Another time I decorated some cupcakes and added some food coloring to change them up. This icing is perfect for adding color because it is so white it is the perfect base!

I added two drops of red and four drops of yellow. I ended up with a light peachy color.

When decorating, you could use many different tips to come up with different styles. Here are the two I did for example. Unfortunately, these cupcakes were a failure for me. I tried “baking” them on the grill since my kitchen is under construction. To say the least, they didn’t bake all too well. Still, they tasted pretty good so that counts for something!

This recipe is soooooo easy and a quick way to whip up frosting with things you already have on hand. My birthday week is over and I am so glad I was able to post every single day! Next week I will post about what fun I got into yesterday! Thanks for catching the wave with me this week!


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