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So sometimes you end up with "too much" cake. Cake that maybe you won't end up using for your specific event. Now, we can't let cake go to waste so let's get to the point. Freezing cakes has been my all time favorite cake baking hack.

Not only do you get to save some cake, you can quickly pull cake out of the freezer for a last minute get together. I promise it stays extremely fresh, as long as its stored correctly.

This is my Oreo vanilla cake and chocolate cake, both were frozen and then defrosted :)

  1. Let the cakes cool completely. This step is key to avoid any extra moisture during the freezing and defrosting process.

  2. Wrap in plastic wrap so the cake is entirely covered.

  3. Then wrap in aluminum foil.

  4. You can take it a step further and place in a Ziploc or an airtight container. Label with the date and type of cake.

  5. Freeze for up to 3 months.

  6. When ready to defrost: Take out of the freezer and let come to room temperature in the refrigerator overnight. Then let fully defrost on the counter, if still necessary.


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