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My bestie for over 15...years, KATIE. I can't even believe we have known each other that long. Since when did our friendship turn older than we were when we met?!

The memories of girlhood we share are things I could never replace. The emo bangs, sneaking out together, getting in trouble for drinking my parents alcohol.. hehe oops, sleepovers every single weekend and all summer long. The list could go on and on but alas I am so thankful to have such a once in a lifetime, lifelong friendship.

It only felt right to honor you on your 27th birthday and help you go all out for a kitschy christmas theme. Your vision was unmatched and I am so happy Maria and I could help make it a reality. You deserve it all, always!!! Cheers to a year full of more over the top celebrations full of tinsel, DIY crafts, sparkles, alcohol, good food, and good friends.

Thank you for introducing me to German Chocolate Cake. It was my pleasure making it for you as your b-day cake.

Also, cannot beleive we didnt even take any pics together. We are silly for that. I love you.




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