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This hairstyle looks like you put a lot of effort into your hair but really it took less than 3 minutes! There are many variations to this style but I chose to do a simplified version of the hairstyle so anyone can pick it up. Once you pick up this, you can start doing all sorts of braids. I was always really picky about my hair when I was younger so I started teaching myself to braid my hair. All it takes it to practice while watching TV, working on homework, or sitting at the computer. Practice whenever and however and you will master it in no time. Let's get started!

First, begin by grabbing a chunk from the front of the head. Grab enough hair so you can make a decent-sized braid but not too much hair since you will be adding more hair as you go. Personally, I grab hair from the top half and avoid hair from the bottom for this half-up and half-down look. leaving hair at the bottom down will keep hair framing the face. Next, section the hair into three separate pieces. From top to bottom, 1,2, and 3.

This french braid starts as a regular braid. Taking the 3rd strand add it to the center and move the number 2 strand and put it in the place of number 3.

Then braid the number 1 strand to the center making the number 2 strand the new number 1.

This is where french braiding begins. moving what you have been working on to the side, grab a new section of hair underneath. This is where your hands really have to get used to placement.

Whatever feels most natural and comfortable holding the hair is best. 

Taking the section you just picked up, add it to the number 3 strand.

Add the number 3 strand (with that new section) to the center and move the number 2 strand to the number 3 position.

Next, add another piece from the top section.

Take that new section and add it to the number 1 strand.

Move the number 1 strand into the center and move the number 2 strand into the number 1 position.

At this point in the braid, you can keep french braiding (basically adding in more sections of hair) but I decided to stop to keep more hair framing the face. I began regular braiding at this point. I took strand number 3 and moved it to the center and moved strand 2 to the strand 3 positions.

Keep regular braiding and move the number 1 strand to the center and keep going all the way down until it is as long as you want.

The finished look. It has the fancier french braid in the front and regular braid in the back. I like this style because it gets the hair out of your face while still letting hair frame your face. 

To ensure the braid stays ALL day make sure to use your bobby pins wisely! Make an X shape so they can’t shift. 

The finished look!

You can add a bun in the back or a ponytail to bring the look altogether. It comes down to practicing and experimenting with what you like best. For a looser look, pull the braid to look even more voluminous. Thanks for reading! Try this at home and let me know how it goes for you! You’ll master it in no time.


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