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This whole town is super trendy and cute. It is a perfect little cute town just a little ways away from San Diego. If you are looking for a San Diego Trip, I also did one of those here. It reminded me of Laguna but even more lowkey and amazing. We stayed at an Airbnb. The owners were super sweet and helpful! The place is also really close to the beach and all the fun little spots we went to. 

We first stopped at The Taco Stand Encinitas. This place was so good we went here for lunch on Friday and Saturday. I will say on Friday we went around 3 p.m. and there was no line but on Saturday we went around 2 p.m. and there was a big line. The food was worth the wait though. 

These are the carne asada tacos with a Baja fish taco. We also got carne asada fries which were delicious too. The place is super trendy and Instagram-able for sure.  

Then, we hit up the Moonlight Beach. This was literally minutes from the taco place. We were able to park for free in the parking lot (I’m assuming its the offseason so they don’t charge). The beach has restrooms, bonfire pits, a park and the moonlight beach steps. 

This is the steps at Moonlight Beach. These steps even had a shower halfway up! We parked to the right of the stairs if you’re looking at the ocean, right next to the park.

The next day we hit up the Botanical Gardens. It was super big and super beautiful. We luckily didn’t have to pay for parking (I think because there was an event in the regular parking lot). There is also a student and senior discount.  They have restrooms, kids play area, a snack bar and they even host events every so often. When we went, they had a farmers market. 

That day we thought we would get lucky and be able to tan because the sun came back out. Sadly, once we got back to the beach it was overcast again and windy. Nonetheless, we grabbed a quick dinner and went out for dessert. 

We had the Baked Bear that night for a quick dessert stop. 

On our way back home we stopped at the outlets in San Clemente and ate at Ruby’s Diner. Ending a trip with shopping and desserts is ideal, am I right?  Thank you guys for catching the wave this week! Be sure to subscribe to my blog down below to get email updated when I post. Don’t worry I don’t spam your inbox! I only send an email once a week full of exclusive offers and updates! 


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