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Lake Havasu has been a place to visit in my family since WAY before I was born. It is always a fun and relaxing way to spend time with family. The heat is brutal but you spend the whole time cooling off in the lake anyhow. We had not been in a couple of years and wanted to revisit our family tradition. We usually stick to the same places and things to do. This time around we saw some new things in town. I’ll let you know what we saw, what we did and what we want to do. This time around all my family had already sold their homes so we had to rent a house. We looked through a few sites and landed on one house. You can find really good deals in Havasu. We got a house with a pool last time and it was amazing, so now we always like having a pool. We always launch at the Lake Havasu Marina. We find it the safest and most convenient, although it does have a fee

What To See:

London Bridge

The London Bridge has plenty of history and is what brings people to Havasu. It is really incredible and is truly the focal point of Havasu.

Across the way is the London Bridge Resort. There are different restaurants and places to dock your boat. To get here you pass through The Channel. The channel is a pretty notorious place where guys try to pick up girls in their fancy boat. Recently they have really cleaned up the lake and it is a nice place to beach and relax.

On the opposite side is more resorts and restaurants.

The Sandbar

Sometimes the tide is too high for the sandbar to show up and others it is a giant sandbar. In the past the sandbar was very popular and there are photos all over the internet of a packed sandbar. 

Just a pretty view on the lake!


Topock is right where you re-enter California. This part of the lake is actually the “California side”. The two different bridges right after one another. This recently became a no wake zone. My uncle is guessing because a lot of accidents would happen here because of the two bridges that don’t line up.

These restaurants and gas station are fairly new. A nice little place far out from the main places along the channel.

These ropes under the bridge are always busy. Over the years people have added more ropes and more sturdy ropes.

Pirate’s Cove

Pirate’s Cove is a nice cove to beach at and relax like any other. The water is a lot colder on the California side of the river. There is a restaurant across the way and those homes behind me are rentals.

Keep in mind some places you beach at have a fee. Rangers come around to collect the money. Most of the nice beaches (no rocks, clean water, restrooms) are the ones that cost money, so keep an eye out.

What To Do:


Renting a Sea Doo

There are a couple of places to rent from. This place is towards the end of the channel, near the London Bridge. They all pretty much run the same and have the same prices. My cousin and her boyfriend paid $185 + tax for 6 hours. They close at 5 pm though so keep that in mind when you rent. The place at the front of the channel offers the same deal I believe.

Paddle Boarding


Paddle Ball



This was our last day on the lake. We picked a cove to the side of the lake and just parked it for the day. We were exhausted from the sun.

Places to Eat:

We always go to this place and it is pretty good but you could also just get Pizza Hut. There is also an actually Brewing Restaurant under the same name. I have never been but they look pretty good too. 

Red Robin

Sonora Tacos y Mariscos

We always go here for breakfast before we head out. The breakfast burritos are huge and delicious. The steak quesadilla is also a winner!

Fast Food Places (In-n-Out, Del Taco, etc.)

I have not actually been to this place but I kept seeing it an it looked really cute. I saw a lot of new places like this but only caught the name of this one, Octane Wine Garage. We usually stick to the same places because we want to relax. If we aren’t totally exhausted we will try something new. It is up to you and what your up to doing. 

Fun Fact: My grandpa actually used to work on speedboats with DCB. We got on the cover of a magazine driving in our boat. I was young but still an awesome memory!

Thanks for reading and comment down below if you have been to Havasu and what you like to do. Subscribe to my blog via email to never miss a post. Stick around to catch the wave with me 🙂

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