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I am officially posting about my travels to Dallas! We made sooooo many stops along the way and I figured I would share all the places we stopped in. We prepped beforehand by making lists of places to eat and things to see. We only had a day in every stop so we, of course, didn’t get to do EVERYTHING on the list but I wanted to share the list nonetheless. We had to skip some cool things due to our time constraints! Anyways, I hope this series of posts helps someone find fun things to do in these different cities🧡


Food: Hattie B’s Hotchick/$ Mas Tacos Por Favor/ $ Butcher + Bee/ options/ $$ Martins BBQ Joint/ $$ Pharmacy Burger Parlor/ $$ Biscuit Love Gulch/ breakfast/ $$ Prince’s Hot Chicken / $ Bluebird Cafe/ live music but must reserve seats or wait forever Edley’s BBQ 5 Points Pizza

To Do:  Parthenon/ a replica of one in Athens Centennial Park/ a giant park with cool building Hermitage/ President Jackson Museum Music Row Johnny Cash Museum Belmont Mansion/ Cotton Heiress Pinewood Social/ hip bowling with food Nashville’s Farmer Market/ flowers, pretty pics

Nashville Farmer’s Market

This farmers market was right across the street from a beautiful little park. 

The inside was really cute. Only a couple different places looked trendy and cute but still a few good options. 

We ended up deciding on crepes. 

I got light Nutella, strawberry, and banana. 

Outside in the actual market was really cute. For some reason, no one was really set up yet. We were there around 11 and it was meant to be open at 9 or 10. Not totally sure what happened there or what we missed but we saw a few good things. 

I got a chance to take cute pics in front of this little coffee truck. 


This is the replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. In order to get inside you go around down this slope and its the entrance. I don’t remember how much exactly it cost but we decided not to go in. They had an informative little video playing outside that showed pictures of the inside and some history. 

Bellmont Mansion

This mansion was seriously so hard to find. It is now a part of a college campus so it’s a little hidden. 

It’s in between these two cross streets. Magnolia and 18th. If I remember correctly, it was $25 to get inside and see everything. 

Hattie B’s

I got a terrible photo because again so hungry. 

Hermitage/ President Jacksons Home

This was super historical and informative. I learned A LOT about President Jackson that I never knew. It was really amazing and such an experience. Easily spent 2 hours seeing everything.

Pinewood Social

You have got to come here that’s all I gotta say.

Pinewood is a super amazing hangout spot, that is what I would describe it as. They have a front part of the restaurant which includes sofas and coffee table and places to relax. Then some tables to work on your laptops and then a bar. Next to the bar and behind is the sit-down part of the restaurant. Behind that is the bowling alley. We put our names on the list to bowl before we ate and waited an additional 20 or so minutes after finishing dinner. It was a lot of fun and the bowling is totally free. Then outside is a pool! This place has so many things to do. In every part, you can order drinks and food. They also have different little events and activities from time to time.  I SO recommend to anyone, it’s a must-see.

Thank you for catching the wave! I have four more travel posts going up this week! I definitely really like our stay in Nashville. So much fun! Comment below anything I must add to my list 💗


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