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I am officially posting about my travels to Dallas! We made sooooo many stops along the way and I figured I would share all the places we stopped in. We prepped beforehand by making lists of places to eat and things to see. We only had a day in every stop so we, of course, didn’t get to do EVERYTHING on the list but I wanted to share the list nonetheless. We had to skip some cool things due to our time constraints! Anyways, I hope this series of posts helps someone find fun things to do in these different cities🧡

St. Louis, Mo 

Food: Shaved Duck/BBQ/ $$ Pappy’s Smokehouse/ BBQ/$$ The Mud House/ breakfast/ $$ Taco Circus: Mexican/ $ Favazzas/ Italian / $$ City Coffeehouse and creeperie Tucker’s Place

To Do: Gateway Arch National Park/ can go to the top Chain of Rocks Bridge The Hill- Italian neighborhood with food Laclede’s Landing/ shops/ food/ oldest Lewis and Clark Historic Site Meramec Caverns St. Louis Art Museum/ free / Picasso/ Van Gogh St. Louis Zoo/ free Del Mar Loop- neighborhood, shops

Shaved Duck

The Shaved Duck was a cute little restaurant playing live music. Not gonna lie it was a little small and crowded for a second and the music is really loud. Still enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. 

Gateway Arch

This is a must see in St. Louis, like you really can’t skip this. We booked tickets in advance to get to the top. That’s just your best bet to going to the top. We were able to book 2 tickets a couple months in advance and one more ticket the week prior. Totally different experience and really fun and cool. Kids will love it too! We were running a little late but it wasn’t an issue at all. You have to park across the street in a structure and walk to the entrance (the arch website has more descriptive directions).

St. Louis Zoo

This zoo was so amazing and free entry! Parking was $15 but that’s not too bad when you get in the zoo for free. 

They had all sorts of animals. They were so so cute but I can’t help but feel a little sad they are there.. ya know. If anyone has more info on zoos and animals lifestyles. Let me know in the comments, I would love to learn more. 

St. Louis Art Museum

This museum was super grand and beautiful. And another free attraction!! 

The view across from the entrance. It’s in a beautiful area with a golf course nearby. 

The museum has big artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. 

Pappy’s Smokehouse

We had this for lunch before we headed out of town. Super busy and super delicious. For how busy it was they served us very quickly and were super courteous.

Love you guys so much and thanks for continuing to follow and support my blog. Posts from this trip will be going up all week! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss any exclusive content! Let’s keep catching the wave. Comment below what you want to see more of from me ❤


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