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Well well well, if it isn’t me…coming back to my blog after ages of promising myself I would. Something today just felt right. I forgot how much I love writing. Not so much, the food recipe writing but writing thoughts, feelings, the vibes. I have been paying for this website to basically just be up and just sit here honestly. Every once in a while I come back to reference and old post and I love that so much. I want to get back into writing on here. Even if its just an update on my week. Like I know no one cares haha but I really only have this blog up for me anyways.

Hi future me and whoever else decided to make it past that first paragraph. It has been quite the year that I haven’t been active here. I have watched my amazing niece and nephew grow up. I have built closer bonds to my friends, family and loved ones. I survived a strict quarantine under one roof with my parents (which I am soooo thankful for and appreciated every minute of it). I’ve seen my business build all the way up and crash down again (hopefully build up again ahaha). I’ve learned it is possible to love after heartbreak. I finally started a real therapy journey. The one thing that has stayed the same…. I really want a cat haha. Maybe down the road I can make that happen (mom, hi, yes, I’ll stay home more if you agree to a cat thank u so much). Through all the ups and downs, I’m so thankful for it all.

So I guess ya this thing is still on. If anyone other than me is reading this, what the heck do you want to see from me? I’ll probably post something like these whenever it feels right or I just need to vent or something. Cooking and baking I would love to get back into, my mom did just buy a mixer. (Also I have been non-stop making my banana bread recipe) Traveling I would also love to post more about. I think I will be even more intentional with my food, travels and life if I have this blog to look back on.

xoxo Sam


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