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I am my sister's maid of honor and everyone knows one of the biggest tasks is planning the bachelorette. I am here to share the plans I made for my sister's bachelorette party in San Diego, CA.

The theme of her bachelorette was "Last Loe Down" instead of hoedown because our last name is "Loe". I might have to steal the theme purely because I will actually be the last sibling to get married lol.



After living through the itinerary I think I did a really good job of balancing downtime and having activities to enjoy ourselves.

As a group, Friday night we decided we wanted to go out to a bar after dinner instead of playing games at the house. We decided to go to Moonshine in Gaslamp, by far my favorite bar of the weekend. It was two bars in one essentially. $15 cover, has good music, two vibes, and no line in the bathrooms.



Decor I tried to stick to the classic things at a bachelorette without going too crazy. I got most of the decor from Amazon and Etsy! I originally ordered the cookie cake but sadly the person I ordered from got snowed in! So I made the cookie cake myself, and I was pretty darn proud of myself lol.

If you want to shop the decor I got from Amazon, here is my storefront link.



I made this custom design myself based on inspiration I found on Pinterest.

I had a few different routes I considered to get them printed but I went for an Etsy shop. They were so responsive and sent me a mockup before printing! I had a quick turnaround but they were on top of it and got it to me days before I needed them.

Hangover Kit

2 Liquid IV's

2 Travel Makeup Removers



The two other things I added were the cowboy boot bottle opener, a dusty blue bandana, and a little nametag with ribbons.

Bandanas I got from Hobby Lobby for only 99 cents each.

Again, I also want to add the link to my Amazon Storefront so you can easily find the things I purchased there.



I feel like this restaurant overall was nice but was not really the vibe for our group. I think the brunch menu would have been more up our alley!



So the rage room we went to waaaaas okay. I wouldn't link it and recommend it to you guys but it was still nice to break some stuff and not have to clean it up. My favorite part was breaking a tequila bottle.



We did the 90-minute Duffy boat rental and luckily the weather warmed up right when we got on the water.

If you want to also rent in SD, I highly recommend Duffy of SD. They were organized, informative, and fun! We had more than enough room for a group of 7. Definitely recommend bringing games to play, food/drinks, and of course music.



With this bar hopping tour, we got free entry and the privilege of skipping the line at each of the 4 bars. We also got some drink specials and shots at a couple of the bars. The shots are sugary vodka shots, so don't get too excited about those lol.

I had sooooo much fun and it was really cool to see what different bars had to offer. The best part was that if you wanted to go back to a bar, you got back in no cover and no waiting in line. I found this tour on The Bach app but it's definitely on Yelp, Airbnb, and other travel sites.

El Prez

This was the first bar we went to at 9 p.m. so it wasn't really busy quite yet. Someone had a whole-ass baby in a stroller when we got there. We played a scavenger hunt game this night so it was really fun to get some things off the list here.


This bar was my favorite. On the water, good music, and a nice space. I never had to use the restroom at this bar but it always had quite the line lol. At 10 p.m. this bar was pretty busy and fun already, it seemed like the go-to spot.

Backyard Kitchen & Tap

This was another lowkey type bar. It was half a dance floor-type bar and the other half was more chill, sitting by the heaters and drinking type. It was also just getting started around 11 p.m.

Break Point

This bar we walked in...and basically walked right out. It had that muggy bar smell and was quite packed. As we walked out a man was screaming HEY at one of the tables trying to get my attention. I turned around looking irritated probably and he goes "Oh that's probably not your name is it?" So if all that helps you, I would personally not end my night here lol.


Like I said earlier, the scavenger hunt was really fun and a perfect bar-hopping activity. It also gets us to be a little adventurous and talk to people!

The panty game was a cool little game. I wouldn't say it was a must but it was a cute idea lol. It does help get the bride drunk if you make her take shots for every guess she gets wrong.

Drink if was another great pre-gaming game. Gets people a little tipsy and also helps us get to know each other better.

Another game I made was a 90's trivia game we also made a drinking game. If you want to take a look, I made it on Canva. With this template link, you can customize it however you want! If you wanted to use Kahoot, I know it's a free way to play as a group via phones.


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