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I have to start this off by saying I am so incredibly blessed to have a family with such strong Christmas traditions and love surrounding this holiday. Everyone deserves this.

When I was younger I’m pretty sure I woke up at the crack of dawn to open gifts, the excitement wouldn’t let me sleep. Now, I’m older and I have a tiny bit more patience lol. I still do like waking up relatively early because Christmas is pretty special for my family and I want to soak up as much of the day as possible.

Christmas day is special all in its own way BUT it is also my grandma’s birthday AND my dad’s. Trifecta holiday for the Loe’s.

As of now, I am the only child still left in the house but I think my sister will most likely join us for Christmas morning.

first things first // wake up!

These days we wake up at our normal hours like 8 or 9 a.m. We all slowly trickle downstairs and get a cup of coffee going with some sort of Christmas movie.

Once everyone makes it downstairs and has woken up fully, we get going on presents.

second things second // gifts!

We gather around the tree and typically play Christmas music and someeetimes light the fireplace. I’m not sure if we did this when I was younger but now we start with my dad’s birthday gifts.

Then we all open our stockings.

After that my mom will pass around gifts to everyone. We usually try and pick out the gifts for my mom in between our own so she can open hers too. She likes watching our reactions though and usually just watches us open ours anyways.

Also, very key to opening gifts is throwing trash in trash bags as you go. Especially if you have kiddos.

After we finish opening gifts and sharing them with one another and whatnot, we get ready to make breakfast together.

third things third // breakfast

We don’t really have a traditional breakfast we stick to each year. It changes every year to whatever sounds good. I would say most years we do a classic breakfast with pancakes, potatoes, and eggs.

fourth things fourth // chill ~

Once we eat we usually hang around the living room talking about our gifts or watch another Christmas fave like Elf or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

If you need a solid list of holiday movies to binge this season, check mine out here.

We have also gone to the movie theatre in the past ( a lot of people do this we have learned lol). Back in the day, my sister worked at a Regal so we would like… visit her and watch a movie haha.

fifth things fifth // ready to paaartyyy

Then after a few hours of chillin ~ We start getting ready to go to my grandparent’s house. Now, this is thee big event.

My grandparents take this holiday pretty serious. They have a new theme every year and decorate ALL out for it. My grandpa never celebrated Christmas as a child so he wants to make it so special for all of us, the way he wishes he had it.

It’s seriously epic.

last but not least // birthday cake and presents

As I said, it is also my dad and grandmother’s birthday so we gotta make it a special moment for them too.

We usually end the night by singing them happy birthday and watching them open their gifts.

Our Christmas traditions are mostly all on the 25th but the holiday movies, treats and decor are up all month long. Typically during the holiday season, we make tamales too. If you want to see what our line-up looks like for tamales check this post out. We make like 1,000 lol.

What are your family christmas traditions? 🎄


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