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Recapping my third time at Coachella! Indio and Coachella have quickly become a really big safe haven for me. The excitement (and even the stress!) of preparing for a weekend of fun with my friends and music, is something I look forward to every year since the first time I went.

Some people might hate that Coachella is just soooo "mainstream" but why do people even care... If I like popular music, that's okay. So if you don't that is totally okay too!

Anyways let's recap my experience this year!!

So this year we actually had the opportunity to attend an event on Thursday, to really kick off the weekend! It was the White Claw event with Shaboozey and Charli XCX performing. They were giving out delicious appetizers all night and dessert at the end of the night. It was also an open bar, technically a 3 drink maximum but apparently they didn't always take the drink tickets... lol

Considering the event was so intimate, we got to see Charli basically front row.

After the event ended around 10 p.m. we hit Red Robin for a wholesome dinner together. We basically closed down the place and then got tucked into bed before midnight. An ideal start to the weekend!

Day one started with another event. We hit the 818 Tequila Outpost event just before noon. We waited in line almost an hour but I gotta say it was 100% worth it. We got an insane amount of free goodies. Only three of us were able to grab tickets to this event so we got picked up straight from here and went to Coachella immediately.

My outfit was basically entirely thrifted. I borrowed the stone belt from Katie and the bra from Mel. The rest was thrifted!

Our plan was to hit our friends campsite and pregame (3 of us already had two tequila cocktails but alas the party must go on lol). We had so much fun hanging at the campsite and then decided to head in! I can't possibly get into the details of every day but a highlight on day one was definitely Lana. She was literally ethereal and it was a beautiful performance. The nostalgia, her lore, she just knows what she's doing lol. Day one we went home immediately feeling dehydrated and with headaches.

Day two!! So day two I didn't take as many pics, it was a more low energy day. We decided the night before it was too much to attempt another party before heading to the festival. We still started the day off at the campsite to pregame and leave our jackets. Once heading in, we hit the Pinterest manifestation station. They basically did makeup or styled you. It was cool, Pinterest is my girl forever so I felt I had to see what they were bringing to Coachella.

The performances really took a precedence for my favorite memories. We saw Sublime and that was just so full circle in so many ways. Obviously, Tyler the Creator was an absolute amazing performance, he just knows how to keep a crowd entertained and in awe. We even sawThe Drums and a new artist we discovered, Kevin Kaarl. It was such a fun day overall. When we got home we actually had the energy to make some of our frozen foods before showering and getting into bed.

The last daaaay! This day was my favorite outfit and I was most excited about her. I last minute found the top at Marshalls with a friend. The skirt I thrifted ages ago and love it so much.

It really starts to hit that its the last day and its so sad 😭. This day we didn't have the campsite anymore so we decided to buy merch from Tyler. We did really want Lana merch but the Tyler merch was honestly cuter. Still love you Lana 🫶🏼. We got to see Renee Rapp and she brought out KESHAAA. Unreal, would have never thought I would see Kesha perform lol. If I am being honest, seeing Doja on the lineup I was like ah we just saw her perform BUT I was proven wrong her performance was so fun and we could not leave. We kept wanting to head to John Summit or Barry Can't Swim and we were like ahhhh another good song wait.

This day we had SO much energy at the end of the night and we almost hit an afterparty but opted for the Silent Disco instead. That was the first time I ever went and it was really fun. I think we were all so exhausted by the time we were dancing but none of us wanted the night to end. Once we went home, it was real, and Coachella was over. We stayed until like 3 a.m. because we're insane but slept soooo good into Monday.

We wished we had seen so many more people but its impossible to pull yourself in too many directions. Weekend highlights I didn't mention, Peggy Gou, Billie & Friends set at the DoLab, Jamie XX, Victoria Monet, J Balvin, DJ Snake, ugh the list goes onnnnn and on! Also, still such a fumble that Coachella put T-Pain at Heinekin House, the smallest stage.

For anything I might have missed or the full scoop on stories, head over to our podcast where we detail everything from prepping to recapping our experiences. We have episodes from every year we have gone so go ahead and check out our episodes, just search "Coachella" on our page.

Can't wait for next year but also Coachella is SICK for doing presale May 3rd. Literally not even a month post Coachella. Killing us but the security of having tickets is so nice. Ugh anywho hopefully this post was a decent recap of my weekend. Maybe next year I will do a Coachella prep post that includes my outfit inspo and planning food etc! Let me know if that's something you would like to see.


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