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Potato salad is a must for summer get-togethers. On my dad's side of the family, we always had the traditional southern potato salad, the raw onion bit. On my mom's side, we always had this version of potato salad. It has been in my family for generations and we all love it. At parties we bring it to, everyone wants to know “Who brought the potato salad?”. If you want to be THAT person who brings the awesome potato salad, keep reading for the recipe.


Serves 10 people

- 2 cups Mayonaise

- 2 cups Carrots, finely chopped

- 5 Russet Potatoes

- ½ Head of Cabbage

- 3 Eggs

- Salt and Pepper *to taste

  1. To start off you want to cut and peel your potatoes. Be sure to cut small enough so they boil and soften quickly.

  2. Next, in a small pot begin boiling whole baby carrots or sliced carrots.

  3. In another pot boil your eggs.

  4. While everything boils cut your cabbage. The cabbage should be sliced from the head directly and just sliced in small increments from one another (picture in post).

  5. Once potatoes, carrots, and eggs are boiled, strain and let cool.

  6. In a bowl combine the potatoes and sliced cabbage.

  7. Peel the hardboiled eggs and slice the eggs into smaller pieces. Add to the bowl with potatoes and cabbage.

  8. Next, chop the carrots with a food processor or finely chop the carrots. Add to bowl.

  9. Next add in the mayo, salt, and pepper and mix carefully. You don't want to over-mix and break up the potatoes.

  10. You can enjoy this salad warm or cold. Enjoy!!


These are the basic ingredients you need; cabbage, egg, carrot, mayo, potatoes, salt, and pepper.

Begin by dicing the potatoes to prepare them for boiling. Boil the potatoes and be sure to take them out right when they get soft. 

Tip: Cut them small enough to boil quickly but not too small. If you cut them too small they will fall apart. 

At the same time, boil the carrots and eggs.

Next up grab the cabbage and slice it up like above. You want pieces to be the right size so they are just the perfect crunch. 

After straining your potatoes and letting them cool, add in the cabbage.

We have one of these fancy egg slicers but if you don’t do not worry just cut the eggs into smaller pieces.

Add the egg to the bowl with the cabbage and potatoes.

Taking your boiled carrots, use either a food processor or a knife, and finely chop the carrots into small bite-size pieces.

Side note: My Nina makes it without carrots, and she loves it that way, so really you can add and take out whatever you might not like…but my family loves the carrots 🙂

Next up just add the mayo and some salt and pepper for taste. You can eat this salad hot or cold but we always eat it cold. Perfect for hot days when you need to cool off.

and THAT’S IT! Just boil a few things, chop them up, and be done. Super easy and quick to prepare. The ingredients are things you typically have anyways. So if you want to be THAT person but it is super last minute, this recipe should make it super easy for you anyways! If you guys try this recipe please comment down below! My family would love to hear how it has worked for others! Thanks for reading and catch the wave with me next Monday! 

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