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This past weekend we threw a father’s day party, and I thought I would share some of the ideas we put into the day. You could also use these ideas to throw a birthday party or any other celebration for your dad! We had a BBQ on Saturday and invited over our whole family. What inspired this party was all the hard work my dad put into our new kitchen. He basically did the whole thing (don’t worry a post for that is coming soon!). So without further ado check out what we did.

We had a little photo section for people to take pictures with their dad. You could also put a tablecloth or fabric behind this for a flat backdrop. It also still functions as decor when no one is using it. You could also get free printable photo props! 

My sister, my dad and I.  Love you dad, this was all for you

We also printed these great handouts on cardstock for all the kids to fill-out with their parents. I got them from another blog.

We decided our flowers and centerpieces would be old beer bottles my dad used. We saw this idea on Pinterest and then made it a little extra cute.  We kept the wrappers on so people could see the beers he loves, we also kept it to the brown glass bottles. 

The bow ties are bow tie pasta painted and glued on.  On some of them, we put polka dots on them with toothpicks. The flowers we literally got from our backyard. We filled the bottles with sand and water, then added the flowers.

We set up corn hole and bocce ball in the front yard. 

Pretty much had them ready to go for people to play. 

We left the rules close by so people knew how to play. We also had beer pong off to the sides and that was super fun. 

We were going to play a few games but got caught up in the fun we were having with our family and friends. This was going to be an homage to the baby shower game “Don’t Say Baby” but we really didn’t expect dads to follow along. So we just used them as an indicator of who was a dad at the party. We were also meant to have a beer pong tournament but that would’ve been hard to coordinate lol. 

We also made a giant slide show that played during the party all about my dad.  The party was a blast.  We had food, drinks, games, swimming, and family, what else could you possibly need?! Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration for your next party. Regardless of the theme and guest of honor. Comment below what you guys did for father’s day!


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