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It’s a GIRLS TRIP!! My cousin Dani recently moved to Fremont with her boyfriend. She missed my sister, Krystal, and I like crazy so we graced her with our presence HAHA jk. We all equally missed each other and had a free weekend so we said lessssdooit! ✈️

San Jose

We flew in on Thursday night and grabbed some appetizers near her place. We then went straight to her apartment to settle in. These are her cats. The one on the left is named Scarlet and the one on the right is named Blue.

Dani, please let me know if the spelling is so wrong on those.

We spent most of the weekend watching her cats fight and making them chase their toys around. My sister and I grew up with cats, and like the best cats ever. It’s been a while since we have owned one so it was a lot of fun to get to play with not one but TWO.

Friday morning we woke up and ate at The Breakfast Club in San Jose. The food was really good and the portions were HUGE! We actually saw the evil kid from Hannah Montana with his family and friends.

He is not evil nor a kid anymore.

We went back to the apartment to watch the Zac Efron Ted Bundy movie on Netflix. Sadly, we were kind of disappointed. I think we all went into thinking it would be like a Criminal Minds episode where the crime is unfolding before us. Instead it was more like the sequence of events in court and for his family. Still a decent watch but 🤷🏻‍♀️

My cousins childhood friend, Hanna was also in town for the day and came to hang out with us.

In the afternoon we went to the Winchester Mystery House. If you don’t know anything about it or have just seen the scary movie then let me do a short lesson.

Winchester house= family who made the Winchester rifle

Lady who lived in house- husband and child died

A psychic lady told her she was haunted by the people who died from their guns and that she needed to build 24/7 to keep the spirits away.

So she did build and build and build.

That’s all I’ll say for now, but based on the pictures I think you can tell the house was huge and a little weird.

We then went to the shopping mall across the street, Santana Row. We ate at Tacolicious during their happy hour. The happy hour deals were really good! We then got some ice cream at Smitten. The flavors were gourmet but also pretty expensive. $5.50 for a little scoop of ice cream 🥺

San Fran

Saturday we decided would be our SF day. Traffic seemed the least intense and everything would be open! We drove down and parked our car in a lot a bit of ways away from the Fisherman’s Wharf. It was only $10 to park all day from 11 a.m.-11p.m.

We got lunch at a spot called the Franciscan Crab. Really great food for a decent price. It was something like $12-15 for a plate.

We saw the seals near Pier 39. That was a good laugh watching them slap each other off those wooden docks.

Next, we hit this mirror maze thing. You have to wear plastic gloves so you don’t smudge the mirrors. It was fun and would definitely be fun with kids!

Then of course we had to go see the Golden Gate Bridge. When in SF, you go see that one bridge… that’s the saying right?

The last thing we saw was the Painted Ladies and the art installment next to them called the Painted Gentlemen. We basically relaxed on the hill in front of them for a half hour just hanging out. This would be a good spot to bring lunch or dessert to.

I had so much fun this past weekend. I’m glad I got to experience a city with my sister and Dani! I also can’t believe I have been to SF 4 times now! Where does the time go?! If you guys want a thorough list of things to see in SF check out my blog post here. 🌉

Let’s catch the wave 🌊 Leave me some blog post suggestions below! I’m all ears! I wanna know what you guys want to see next!


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