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Girls weekends are the best weekends. The feminine energy can be so healing. My besties, Katie and Maria, and I decided to go to a Two Door Cinema Club concert in San Diego like 8 months ago and it finally arrived. Luckily for us, Maria lives in San Diego so we made a whole weekend out of it.

Had to leave my house in the early afternoon on Friday to avoid traffic as much as possible. Layla on the left was cuddled up on my clothes while I was packing and it was the sweetest. Maria has two precious kitties too and they just got some window hammocks, that they clearly love.

Friday night was the concert and we had so much fun! We pregamed with girl talk, Wing Stop, and getting ready together. Wing Stop is our tradition at this point so it could not be broken. While we only knew a few songs, the nostalgic bops really hit.

We actually ended up calling it a night once we got home. We had these high hopes of going out but when we got home we were like.....could be crazy and stay in tonight lol. Which honestly thank god we did. We still went to bed around 1 but drank lots of water at least lol.

We had a slow Saturday morning and made some breakfast while watching Bridgerton on the couch. Our afternoon plans were go with the flow so we went to the beach with Marias dog, MJ.

Luckily the sun was out and we got to enjoy laying out for a bit.

After the beach we hit Marshalls, HomeGoods, Ulta, and Sprouts. A classic girly pop itinerary if you ask me. We came up on free boxes of cookies at Sprouts so that was an absolute win for the day.

Suddenly it was evening time and we had to start getting ready for our night time plans. We originally intended to have a bonfire at the beach but opted to go out instead. I had just got a $13 dress on clearance at Marshalls and I had to wear it out, obviously.

We started the night at Part Time Lover, which was such a cute bar in North Park. Katie bought some records and we had a couple drinks when Maria's boyfriend, Chad, met up with us.

From there we walked to a karaoke bar, Red Wing Bar & Grille, where a very intoxicated man asked us if we just got back from prom...honestly, he thought we looked young so I'll take it as a compliment.

Last bar of the night, I did not catch the name of but it was a pool table dive bar vibe. We met up with more friends of Chad. The night ended and we Ubered to a friends house, played video games for a bit, and ate Jack in the Box, my fave drunk food. Then we realize it was 3:30 a.m. and we absolutely needed to get home because we had to be up at 7 a.m.

Unfortunately we were running on a couple hours of sleep but nothing would stop us from seeing our girl Paulina cross that stage with her MASTERRRSSS degree!!!

Honestly, we were shamelessly giddy, silly, and goofy together. We were taking ridiculous photos of each other and just having fun. Which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Being worried about what others think is a waste of time. If y'all missed the podcast episode where we talk about embarrassment with Katie, this is your reminder. I am even linking it here for you.

As always, an amazing weekend with my besties. I even ended the weekend going to another close friends wedding! I was nonstop busy but felt so fulfilled at the same time. Can't wait for the next San Diego weekend 💌


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