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What would be more fitting than dedicating a whole blog post to my zodiac season?

I mean honestly probably a lot of things but like this is pretty up there lol. Leo season is thee season, I’m just saying. There is an energy in the air and some serious fire, literally because of this heat but also figuratively cause we are grinding. 💪🏼

Today is actually my besties birthday, Tori. You guys should show her some love on IG, @torzkilz. 🔥Our whole friendship, we have been obsessed with our Leo-ness together. Our best friend Katie is a Sagittarius, another fire sign. All of us together is F-I-E-R-C-E.

Anyways, I figured why not share some fun information about the Leo sign and more specifically about all my signs. I am by no means super informed on zodiac signs but I know some of the basics.

My sun sign is Leo 🦁

My birthday is on August 10th, so I am right in the middle of the Leo season. This sign is the core of who you are.

I definitely love my Leo-ness and feel it in me. I will say I think a lot of my traits do come from my rising and moon sign though.

my leo traits: confidence, pride, thick ass hair (which honestly that’s genetics, not the stars but go off), and boldness

My rising sign is Capricorn 🌍

Your rising sign is what people see you as, so I think by that, it means more strangers.

This is my brother’s sun sign, as well as my dads. They are definitely the epitome of this sign but I just have a little sprinkling of it.

my capricorn traits: conservative, rational, and responsible

My moon sign is Scorpio 🌙

The moon sign runs my mood, emotions, and feelings. I think this sign makes me a lil’ crazy honestly. But nonetheless, this is also my sister’s sun sign. I always thought it was amazing how I’m a combination of my siblings. My sister really doesn’t relate much to her sun sign though, so she says lol.

my scorpio traits: intense, dramatic, and private (relatively true, I do have a blog lol)

At the end of the day, I think I am a combination of everything and sometimes feel one sign more than the other, depending on the day. During Leo season, you knooooooooow I am highly in touch with that side. I feel like everyone feels that energy during this time, it’s summer, it’s fun and unbearably hot.

I am so excited for you guys to see the August header for the blog. It gives me major vibes for the month of August. Fire-y and fierce, yet soft and warm.

I don’t know if you guys ever looked at the signs or if you believe in them at all. I think it is something you should take with a grain of salt (my Capricorn jumped out), it might not be fact for every person but it is super interesting to read about. The app Co-Star is an easy app that lets you see what your different signs are and if you are compatible with friends and family.

My cousin Emily and I are literally 100% compatible and she’s an Aquarius (supposed to be polar opposites). Zack and I are like 95% compatible and he is also an Aquarius! As you can see you can’t base everything on your sun signs, it takes much more.

You guys should download the app and add me! @samloe18

Let’s see how good of friends we would be! Write in the comments or DM me on Instagram what your different signs are and which ones you relate to. P.S. you’re going to need to know what time you are born for your rising sign 🌊


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