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This is my first ” life update” like ever. It feels a little weird but I feel like it was very much needed.

I have to admit I have been slacking on my blog and my IG lately. I have been overwhelmed with other responsibilities and its taken my attention completely. I am glad to say I am at least getting something out weekly here and daily on Instagram but whew, let me catch you up on what is keeping me so busy.


The final semester of college is no joke.

It definitely has to do with some senior-itis kicking in. Getting busy work assignments from an online class is the least of my worries but also a priority because I gotta graduate.

On top of assignments stacking up at the end of the semester I have to worry about what is supposed to happen once I do graduate. My mind runs a mile a minute on this topic so I’ll spare you.

Also planning all the fun stuff like what I am wearing to graduation, how I will decorate my cap, and ordering a stole.

Planning my Graduation Party

Now, I will have an ENTIRE post about this to get into details about why it is taking so much of my time. Basically, its a joint party with my boyfriend Zack. We are inviting somewhere around 150 people and it’s going to be in his backyard…. yeah so it’s a lot of planning and its gonna be sooooooo worth it. Excited to share all the pictures in that post 😭stay tuned.

Finding a Job? help

HAHA but no seriously trying to find a job that makes sense for what I wanna do is stressful. Also, being an entrepreneur or thoughts of freelancing is definitely in the plan. SO building that takes time, meetings, and lots of brainstorming. I’m applying to every job in my field that I see. So it’s a process, for sure.

My Blog

So obviously I have a huge time commitment to this blog and getting things off the ground. This is a part of my finding a job struggle. Making posts and curating content takes time girrrrl.


This is my boyfriends’ sneaker reselling brand. His brand is expanding- fast. I’m literally sitting next to at least a hundred shoes he just bought in the living room. It takes a lot of work and he can’t always get it all done on his own. On my days off from school, I will help him ship orders or track inventory. Sometimes we get excited and try planning IG campaigns hehe follow his business IG

Now that I am at the end I’m like was I just ranting/ venting about everything I need to get done? How annoying. But like I swear I am NOT complaining lol. Life is a lot but that’s sorta the point of it. We all have our own struggles and things to stress on and that’s okay! I’m just letting you guys know why I might be a lil MIA on social media lately. Hopefully, I will be full speed ahead once May is over. I am also planning to create some fun content later this month. Stay tuned! It is coming. As promised there will always be a post up on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. as well.

Leave below any posts you want to see or content you want me to create for you guys! Videos, podcasts, fashion shoots, anything, and everything!

Let’s keep catch the wave togethaaaa 🌊


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