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I am finally 21. Wow. It has been a long time coming (21 years) and it is finally here. I guess its more about the fact that I now have the option to drink if I wanted but I’m not really planning on going out every weekend or anything. I just feel more like an adult, which is scary and also exciting but mostly scary. Officially the first birthday I feel “old”. I am so so so thankful I could spend my 21st with my friends and family.  This was one of the most special birthdays I have ever had! My birthday is on August 10th but we started celebrating August 9th


This was the first day of real celebration! We had a BBQ at my parent’s house with friends and family. This celebration was family friendly hahaha.

Me & Em

It was my Grandpa’s birthday on August 12th so we decided since we were all together to sing happy birthday to him as well! 

My grandparents match when they go out, they’re the cutest. 

My mom, me, my cousin Emily and my Aunt Diane!

A day full of fun and family! We played giant Jenga, corn hole, and beer pong. Super fun night and a great way to get it all started! 

Friday- My ACTUAL Birthday!!

I didn’t take a picture with both my parents the night before so I made them wake me up before they went to work for a quick picture. So this whole weekend was a surprise. All I knew was we were going to San Diego and my friends were coming. 

The day started by heading down to San Diego! We stopped at Cafe Coyote in Old Town San Deigo.

My very first legal drink was a Strawberry Margarita! Don’t be crazy, I obviously shared this  Sidenote: Not gonna lie management sucked here. Long story but they were rude and annoying BUT not the point!

I was definitely shocked by this surprise. We got a hot tub on a boat. YEA on a BOAT! 

Yup, that’s a hot tub in front of us. My bffls, Katie and Victoria. This was one of the coolest experiences.

We spent a couple hours in the bay, enjoying the sunset. This was honestly one of the coolest parts of the weekend. Honestly would do this again. Totally worth it, especially at sunset.

Then we headed to an Airbnb to get ready for the night and relax a little. My cousin brought tons of decorations and decorated the house with her boyfriend  So cute. 

We decided to hit the Gaslamp District. We were going to go to a Fetty Wap concert or go bar hopping. We ended up doing neither and sticking to one club for the night We went to Oxford Social Club and they had a really good mix of music!


The next afternoon we went to the Hard Rock Sunburn Pool Lounge. My cousin brought the silly straws. You gotta be silly, even as an adult haha. 

Zack, the man who made it all happen

We had a VIP section so that was really cool. We definitely had a good time here. It’s for sure something you have to do once in your life (VIP section).


We had Sunday to relax and cool off from the weekend. We ate at Shore Rider in La Jolla. Really nice little restaurant and cool vibe. I will say, they had no AC, at least from what it looked like. Nonetheless, the food was good and frozen rosé was a hit

We found a spot at Moonlight State Beach and spent a few hours in the sun. 

We left just before sunset so the drive home was beautiful. 

I want to thank my parents, my friends, Emily, Zack and everyone else who made this birthday such a celebration! I had such a blast and feel so blessed to be spoiled with all this love and affection! This is a birthday I will never forget. I love you all. Let’s keep catching the wave, year in and year out. Just now with a little rosé on the side


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