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Another beloved sneaker show and another fun trip. This time around Zack and I headed to Atlanta, Georgia. We flew in on Friday and left Sunday afternoon. This weekend actually happened to be our 4 year anniversary together (If you guys would like a post on anniversary date or gift ideas, let me know!) I wanted to make the trip a little extra special so I planned our itinerary. We arrived Friday night and got a rental car from Hertz (only rental place who rents to those under 25 years old). Our first stop was dinner at The Varsity.

This place reminded me of Sonic Drive-In. The outside was pretty identical to Sonic, a retro drive-in and order with service.

The inside has a few different levels with different sections to eat in.

You order and they assemble it for you before you walk away.

We ordered one hamburger, one bacon burger, two fries, an apple pie and the orange shake. The food was pretty average. Considering Atlanta has a lot of food gems, I wouldn’t say this is a must stop. It is quick and relatively cheap. I feel a lot of people who live in Atlanta would consider this a classic, like I wouldn’t tell people they need to have Del Taco when they come to California but it’s good….you know?

Next up we went to Skyview Atlanta. The ferris wheel was about $13 for students and maybe $14 or $15 for a regular adult. It was nice and across the street they had horse-drawn carriage rides of the city for $40. We parked to the right of the ferris wheel along the street at a meter. The spots are free after 10 pm. The lots are $12 all day long. We then went off to our hotel near the sneaker show.

We stopped for breakfast at the Flying Biscuit. I ordered the bacon and eggs breakfast and replaced the grits with potatoes. They load the plate with potatoes, let me say. The biscuit was really good and the sauce was a little cinnamon type of jam.

Zack ordered the Meggxican Wrap with potatoes instead of grits. I have never had grits but I do hear this place is the place to try them. I just wasn’t feeling it. We both really liked our meals and were more than full. Service was attentive and quick. People were in and out quickly.

Now for my anniversary surprise for Zack! I planned a helicopter ride over Atlanta with Select Helicopters.

Booking on their site that I linked above is the best way to go. The state of Atlanta (and I am sure the rest of the world) has pretty strict flight restrictions. These flight restrictions may affect your flight. For example, there was a game when we went and they issued a flight restriction around downtown Atlanta. Issues like this may affect your flight and are out of the control of Select. They do try their best to work out a time most convenient for you. I suggest checking game schedules before you reserve a day and time. Getting to Select Helicopters can be a little confusing. Maps will direct you to the place next door, since it is an airport. Just know is it not the doors that say Superior, it is one parking lot over at Hangar F. The waiting room was extremely nice and kept really cozy.

Their helicopters are really nice and sleek-looking. The inside is really comfortable. Our pilot was Will and he was really awesome! He made us feel like we were just some friends getting a tour from him. Will made sure we did not feel sick on the flight and let us get a lot of good pictures. He explained to us a lot of the different sights and let us in on some Atlanta culture. Foster was another friendly face we saw and he was the one who gave us a ride on the golf cart out to the helicopter. At the end, Will also helped us get great photos and Foster gave us food suggestions. Overall it was a great experience and I recommend Will as a pilot!

King & Queen Buildings

Atlanta Skyline

Rock Quarry

After the helicopter ride we went to the sneaker show for a few hours. Next up we were going to see the World of Coca-Cola museum but opted out at the last-minute to see MLK historic sites instead. They both closed at 5 and it was 4 pm so we chose MLK instead. (plus coca-cola world tickets are $17) We were really glad we picked this because there was an event that day.

This is the home Martin Luther King grew up in. They have refurbished a lot of the surrounding area but they have kept the style and design of everything. Down the street and to the right is the museum that is totally free.

We stumbled upon a little ice cream stand with King of Pops. I knew this was extremely popular in the Atlanta area and was excited.

Each popsicle was $3 and all the flavors were unique and delicious. We actually saw a few more stands or restaurants that sold them.

After this we had a late lunch at the Krog Street Market. This area was really trendy and cute. I did read another blog post that said the Krog Street Tunnel was another cool place for photos. We parked for free in the neighborhood right behind the market.

We decided to eat at Superica. This place is a must see especially if you’re craving Tex-Mex.

The inside is super trendy with different paintings and fixtures.

The food was unbelievably delicious. The chips and salsa are on the house for starters and totally bottomless! On top of that we order the Chili con Queso as a dip and it was seriously so good. Words can’t describe how good it all was!

Chicken Verde Enchiladas with bottomless rice and twice refried beans for the table.


Seriously go here, it is so good! Another few spots recommended by Foster:

Woody’s Cheesesteaks

La Fonda

Folk Art

Antica Pizza




Fogo de Chao

We hopped on over to the Ponce City Market for some shopping.

For its history check out the site. It was a Sears store and warehouse that was recently refurbished to be a mall, restaurants and office buildings. It connects to the cities Beltline, which is the easiest way to find it in my opinion.

This was the view from the Beltline.

When you walk in there are lots of little signs that direct you where you might need to go. I will say those we couldn’t get to the roof! It could have possibly been private but I am not sure.

So, if you follow the signs you end up here along the Beltline. The Beltline goes for miles but if you turn left this is the first big mural thing you see.

The first was these really pretty flowers. I am fairly certain this is an actual store but it was closed when we got there. It is perfect for instagram shots. There are a bunch of little art pieces and statues hiding around, just make it a fun photo opportunity.

We are Walking Dead fans so we wanted to hit at least one Walking Dead filming location while here. We went to the Jackson Street Bridge. Even if you are not a Walking Dead fan, it is a beautiful place for photos. We saw three different people doing photo shoots.

This was the view on the opposite side of the bridge. I totally recommend this spot. We parked in a little one way side street for free right before the bridge.

After this we ate at Attwood Pizza (expensive for sure) but it was really good. We took a little stroll around the city and headed back to our hotel for Netflix. We were totally exhausted after the two days of traveling around. The three-hour time change had us a little off too. We actually fell asleep like 10 minutes into The Shining. We are actually trying to finish it now as I write this! Well anyways this trip was definitely a success and one we will never forget. We learned a lot and saw a lot. If you’re in Atlanta and go to any of these places I mentioned comment down below! Also if you are a local let us all know what else we HAVE to see the next time. Thanks for reading along and catching the wave this week! Catch y’all next Monday!

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