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I am officially posting about my travels to Dallas! We made sooooo many stops along the way and I figured I would share all the places we stopped in. We prepped beforehand by making lists of places to eat and things to see. We only had a day in every stop so we, of course, didn’t get to do EVERYTHING on the list but I wanted to share the list nonetheless. We had to skip some cool things due to our time constraints! Anyways, I hope this series of posts helps someone find fun things to do in these different cities💛

Austin/ Dallas/ San Antonio/ Galveston

Food: Moonshine Grill/ American/ $$ La Barbecue/ pre-order online / $$ Flip Happy Crepes Rooster Truck/ breakfast Cow Tipping Creamery Chuys Mexican Food Amy’s Ice Cream Franklin Barbeque/ Lunch Only Torchy’s Tacos The Porch/Dallas/ $$ Lolo’s Chicken/ Dallas /$ Saint Ann/American/ $$ Mesa/ Mexican/ $$ Feast/American/ $$ Guenther House/ breakfast/ $$ Los Barrios La Pandaria/ bakery Burger Boy Taco Tierra Caliente/ $ El Rey Taqueria/ Cuban/ $$ Bobs Taco Station Superica/ $$ Sunflower Bakery and Cafe Killen’s Barbecue/ close to Houston / Galveston Sticky’s Chicken The Breakfast Klub Tony’s Milk & Cookies Harlem Road Texas BBQ Steel City Pops Burger Chan HooDadakusa/ Bomb Red Circle Ice Cream

To Do: Austin Mural 6th Street / Nightlife (West 6th) Hamilton Pool/ Need Reservations Haunted Austin Evening Adventure LBJ Presidential Library Thanksgiving Square/ stained glass chapel George W. Bush Presidential Library Museum Texas State Fair Bat Bridge  The Alamo/ San Antonio San Antonio River Walk USS TEXAS Pleasure Pier Strand Historic District

Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles/ Dallas

Our first night in Dallas we stopped at Lolo’s. Everyone began devouring their meals before I got a picture (including myself). It was pretty good. I was honestly tired of chicken and waffles but it was still good, not a bad option. 

The Porch/ Dallas

If you’re an OG, you will remember I went to The Porch last year on our Dallas road trip. We loved it so much and got the same appetizer we were obsessed with. If you’re interested in seeing my post from last year, check out the first half here and second half here

We pretty much all had the enchiladas. They were really delicious! We also got the brownie and ice cream dessert which was really big and suppppper delicious. Definitely a favorite in Dallas.

Pleasure Pier/ Galveston

You can walk up to a certain point on the pier and then when it’s all the rides and games you need to pay. Just to walk it, it costs $10 and then for every ride it’s another fee but you can totally get an all-day pass. Since we were just visiting we got a walk pass and one additional ride once we entered.

We also played this game, Didn’t win 🙁 The prizes were way too huge to fit in the car anyway😂 We were there for about an hour and then gave our wristbands to a family walking to the pier. 

Red Circle Ice Cream/ Houston

We wanted some yummy dessert before the trip ended. I thought my egg waffle was really good! The cookie dough ice cream was pretty good too. 

San Antonio Riverwalk

We went to the riverwalk twice. At first, when we first got there and walked around. The little boats light up and it was adorable. We thought about riding at night but the line was super long. They close at like 10 but they keep rides until the line ends. 

We rode the next morning and there was barely a line. This area was super cute with a lot to see. People are selling little knick-knacks and there are tons of restaurants. 

The Alamo/ San Antonio

This is an obvious stop. Its right down the street from the river walk.

The Bat Bridge/ Austin

We got the inside scoop from locals about where to go in the city. This bridge every night at sunset has bats fly out from under it. They told us its the second largest colony of bats in the world. 

Lady Bird Lake/ Austin

Torchy’s Tacos/ Austin

They have soooo many different tacos but I am so happy with the ones I chose. Zack didn’t love his tacos but I don’t know exactly what he got. The names were something crazyyy. Hmm pretty sure one of my mine was called the Democrat🤔

The guacamole was also super delicious and classic. Loved it! 

I hope you guys liked this post! The only one left is Sedona. If you haven’t already any of my other ones, check them out here! It has different cities in Missouri, Texas, Arkansas and more! 

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