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I am officially posting about my travels to Dallas! We made sooooo many stops along the way and I figured I would share all the places we stopped in. We prepped beforehand by making lists of places to eat and things to see. We only had a day in every stop so we, of course, didn’t get to do EVERYTHING on the list but I wanted to share the list nonetheless. We had to skip some cool things due to our time constraints! Anyways, I hope this series of posts helps someone find fun things to do in these different cities🧡

Kansas City, Mo

Food: Room 39/ American/$$ Brown + Loe/ American $$ Char Bar/ BBQ/ $$ Culver’s/ fast food/ $ La Fonda El Taquito/ Mexican/ $$ Harvey at Union Station / brunch/ $$ Big Biscuit/ breakfast Bryant’s BBQ

To Do: National Toy and Miniature Museum WWI Museum Harry S. Truman Library Kaw Point/ downtown waterfront Berkely Riverfront/ space to walk around/ views Hallmark Visitor Center Airline History Museum Country Club Plaza

Char Bar

This was a really amazing stop! The restaurant itself was trendy and cute. It had an outdoor patio with bonfires, a bar, and games. The food was also suuuper delicious. They had a good amount of options for a BBQ place. We had to park across the street which was a little sketchy at night but it was really well lit. 

Kaw Point

This was a cool little lookout spot to see a view of the city. We only spent about 5 minutes here to catch a photo and take in the view. Also, a tiny bit confusing to find. You go to the back of that big parking lot and head behind it to find a parking lot and building for this lookout. 

Harvey’s at Union Station

The union station was really nice and the restaurant was cute. Felt like a way less busy Grand Central Station Gossip Girl moment. Paying for parking was a little funny, as you insert cash into some box and it’s basically an honor system (there is a guard on duty, don’t get crazy). Anyways this is the yogurt parfait with hashbrowns.

Food wasn’t anything super super spectacular but it got the job done and had options for whatever your mood.

WWII Museum

The WWII Museum is right across the street from Union Station and there was plenty of parking. The view from the top of the tower pictured in the first photo.

Indoor flower fields inside the actual museum. You walk above them. This museum went super into depth.

National Toy and Miniature Museum

This museum was a cool little stop. They had amazing art and statues. 

The toys went through different decades and history of what toys meant then and now. It was nice to walk down memory lane. 

Hallmark Visitor Center

Museum detailing the history of Hallmark and the products they sell. It’s totally free and they give postcards and bows for free! Next door is a center to do more hands-on activities. We didn’t do this but it looked interesting.

Room 39

This restaurant was another cute place to stop and eat. My avocado toast was soooooooo bomb💣. I would vote yes and come on that avo toast is so Instagram ready, in fact, I did post in on Instagram😂 

Kansas City was another great stop on the list of places to see. Comment below if I missed anything on my list that you think is a must see and I’ll look into adding it! Several more posts are coming this week all about the journey to Dallas.💓 

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