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I am officially posting about my travels to Dallas! We made sooooo many stops along the way and I figured I would share all the places we stopped in. We prepped beforehand by making lists of places to eat and things to see. We only had a day in every stop so we, of course, didn’t get to do EVERYTHING on the list but I wanted to share the list nonetheless. We had to skip some cool things due to our time constraints! Anyways, I hope this series of posts helps someone find fun things to do in these different cities🧡


Food: Corkeys BBQ/$$ The Beauty shop/ American/ $$ Farm Burger  Ciao Baby Wood Fired Dapper Doughnut Staks Pancake Kitchen Rendezvous BBQ Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken Jerry’s Sno Cone

To Do: Main Street Trolley (riverside loop view) Sputnik Star Sign ( good picture) Elvis Statue on Beale Beale Street Historic District Lorraine Motel/ National Civil Rights Museum/ MLK died here Elvis Automobile Museum/ Graceland Cooper-Young/ artsy, shops, laid-back nightlife Victoria Village/ several mansions (Woodruff-Fontaine house) Handy Park/ outdoor free concerts


This restaurant was most well known for their guacamole. I thought it was really good but suuuper expensive for what you get. Being from Cali, avocados aren’t THAT expensive but their guac was priced at market. At the time it was apparently worth $12. My meal was barely more than that but we were convinced we had to try! It was definitely something I had never tried before. 

Their tres leches were also different from what I was used to, it seemed to be more traditional. 


First thing in the morning, we hit Graceland. This was one of the most expensive attractions we saw on the entire trip. It was like $50 a person and you can upgrade to $100 tickets. It was definitely really interesting to get a peek into Elvis’ world. The basic tour gives you a shuttle ride to his house (across the street), a short video, an iPad with audio, a look at his planes and a nice little gift shop. 

This was the outside of his house. We had to wait in a little line to get inside, it was super busy the day we went. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys so I’m not going to share the pictures from the inside! Let me tell you the inside is so interesting and worth seeing. 

He actually has his gravesite at his home, along with other family members. I never knew Elvis had a twin brother who died at birth! Who knew?! 

Lorraine Motel- National Civil Rights Museum

This is the National Civil Rights Museum which used to be the Lorraine Motel. They converted it into this absolutely amazing and thorough museum. It even has a second part of the museum located across the street which gives you a look at where the supposed shooter shot from. 

This was right where he was shot. It was really special for me and Zack because we had visited his birthplace in Atlanta and now we were able to see where he died. Such an incredible experience to look at this important history. 

Beale Street

Elvis Statue

Giant Bass Pro Shop-Most Random Large Pyramid Ever

Jerry’s Sno Cones

This snow cone place is totally different from anything I have ever seen. They have SO many flavors and you can order it with ice cream in the center and on top. I got cookie dough and it literally tasted like cookie dough, little weird haha. Reviews online said the best flavor is red velvet wedding cake or something like that! 

We had so much fun in Memphis! We wanted to try another little cookie dough place we came across randomly but they were still closed and I didn’t catch the name😭 They definitely have a lot of things to do down in Memphis! The downtown area was super cute too! 

Comment below if you guys have any more suggestions for things to see and do in Memphis! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog down below. It is super easy and I absolutely do not spam you! I give out exclusive content in my emails so you don’t want to miss out💙🌊


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