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This blog post has been a long time coming! I am so so proud it is finally going up! The kitchen remodel took about 7 months to get totally done including the small decorative details. We are always coming up with things to add or change but for now, we love our new kitchen! This remodel took so long mainly because we did it ourselves. Yup, you read that right, my family took this on almost all alone! To have a functioning kitchen (stove, sink, microwave) it took like 4 months. Had we purchased every appliance and part we needed it might have gone quicker but we were doing the whole.. “go with the flow” “let’s see how we progress” type of attitude at first😂 My dad is very well versed in electrical, plumbing, installs, woodwork, flooring.. like he could figure out anything so that made this possible! I am going to start this blog post with the process pictures. The second half of the post will have the completed look and detail shots. 

the process

Our kitchen started very small and definitely dated.

The demo began small as well. We started with taking one wall down. We did half of the wall because we were not sure if the wall was load bearing and it was enough demo for one day.

The view from the opposite side with half the wall out.

The demo begins for the rest of the kitchen, this required a team of us. The demo consisted of pulling just about every single thing out. We really only left the carpet. 

Our kitchen was now in the dining room. 

Once we took the carpet out we had to make sure the floor was completely smooth so our flooring could go over the top. We went with a tile that looks like wood (makes it SO easy to clean up). 

This is one of the few things we contracted out. We felt we better have an expert do the base of this project and he did an amazing job! 

The other thing we contracted out was our countertops. We don’t have the tools to cut countertops nor install them! Hiring someone else for this was a no-brainer.

the completed look

So this is the wall we originally had three tall cabinets on.  Since we took out an entire wall we had to move the fridge and oven against this wall. Even though we took a wall of storage space away, we didn’t lose anything. We also purged and got rid of a lot of random things but nonetheless, we had plenty of space. 

This pull-out next to the fridge isn’t 100% done. We still need a cover and a handle for the face. I also wanted to add little rings that would secure the broom from swinging around. My dad constructed this 100% by himself. It is perfect to hold some cleaning supplies and grocery bags.

The flip side is also good to hold smaller items and cutting boards. The oven is a microwave on top and oven below. 

We got an electric glass top stove. 

Originally we were going to just flatten out the ceiling and make it even but we already had an indent from our previous lighting. So my dad just made the opening even and centered with the rest of the kitchen. 

This is on the same wall with the fridge and oven.  We had the same type of storage here but we made it modern with a butcher block countertop and deep shelves. The only thing we didn’t do was a backsplash. We thought a lot about our backsplash in the kitchen and if we would continue it over here. We decided to just not do a backsplash since we had such little wall space for one. Who knows what we might change in the future lol.

Here we have the backside of the large island. That pull-out isn’t 100% complete either. It is meant to function as a pull-out sitting area. 

Our old kitchen had these pull-outs and my parents couldn’t get rid of them. We are probably going to change the knobs to more of a stainless steel flat pull thingy, I couldn’t even describe it if I tried and I have no clue what it’s called😂

It feels SO good to finally have a completed kitchen. I hope this gave you ideas for your kitchen and if you have any super specific questions feel free to drop them below (where did we find such and such.. etc). I wanted to keep this post simple and let the pictures really speak for themselves. It has been a long time coming and we are so so happy it’s finally done and we did it basically by ourselves.😍 

Let’s keep catching the wave, don’t forget to subscribe below. I am growing slowly but surely as a blogger and it is all because of you guys! I love you all so much💗


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