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My lifelong best friend just celebrated her birthday on July 24th. Three of her closest friends and I decided we wanted to throw her a really special and intimate surprise dinner. Since we can't take her to Italy we figured, let's bring "Italy" to her.

We were so so happy with how it all came together. We each contributed whatever we had to make our vision come to life.

We decorated the table with florals, glass vases, a crochet table runner, candles, thrifted blue and white plates, gold silverware, and fresh fruits.

This round taught us how much hosting stuff we need to really bring the vibes together. One thing we kept realizing was everything we had was in packs of 4... and there were 5 of us lol. Another thing that would really elevate it would be nice cloth napkins. All that said, didn't even miss it. It was beautiful and the company was even better. 🫂

So before we can even get the party started, we gotta get our birthday girl to us. Bry picked her (and her sweet baby of course!!) up from home and blindfolded her on the drive to my house. She quickly realized where she was by the feeling of the ground under her heels, touching the fence, and smelling the jasmine in my backyard. She's good hahaha. Nonetheless, we pulled the surprise off and she loved it.

As a starter Katie made an absolutely stunning charcuterie board. We all grazed on it, as well as some focaccia, for a couple of hours with some glasses of wine. Mel picked some really good wines and we ended up liking all of them!

Our main meal was a simple arugula salad, grilled squash and zucchini, focaccia, and vodka fusilli pasta. We set it all out in the backyard BBQ area and enjoyed dinner at sunset.

We also enjoyed a Vegan Lemon Berry Cake. Not pictured is the absolutely ridiculous Drake cake I made as a silly surprise. We ended the night at the firepit chatting, getting our tarot read by Mel, and playing WNRS! We all agreed we need to make more time for girl's nights just like this one. We had so much fun and can't wait for the next one 🫶🏼


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