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Hello everyone and welcome to Catch the Wave! My name is Sam and this is my first blog post ever! Here is a little background on why I started blogging and what my blog name even means.

I really enjoy Pinterest (I mean who doesn’t right?) and always see these cute blogs and all the fun things they come up with. I’m a creative person and tend to try everything I see on Pinterest anyways, so I thought why not make my own blog to chronicle my DIY journey? I plan on posting alllll sorts of different things; baking, cooking, traveling, and everything lifestyle.

Catch the Wave?

So originally I knew I had to have a blog with a beach vibe but it is not necessarily restricted to a beach theme. I can’t really remember where catch the wave exactly came from, it just popped into my head. Catch the wave really can mean catch the trend.  I thought the name was perfect for the purpose of my blog 🙂

Stick around to Catch the Wave with me!

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