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What a time to be alive. I decided to dye my virgin hair pink. What exactly led me to this decision you ask?

middle school

Well, I have always wanted to experiment with my hair but my mom scared me into avoiding it haha. In middle school, I told her I wanted blue in my hair. The compromise was those cheesy neon blue clips they sold at Hot Topic. What a look that was haha.

Then after a year of playing with those, I wanted the real deal. She said as long as I didn’t have to bleach my hair I could do it. She bought me *I think it was Manic Panic* blue dye from Hot Topic again. I couldn’t bleach my hair so instead, I just tested a piece at the bottom of my hair to see what it would do. I was going for that natural on top and blue underneath vibe. Which thank God I was smart enough to do that HAHA. It didn’t really pick up much color cause my hair is pretty brown. It looked greenish-brown blue so I basically gave up after a couple of layers lol.

high school

Fast forward to high school, I was constantly trying techniques to lighten my hair naturally. Lemon in the sun was a fun one that I do NOT recommend haha. The reason my hair has lightened from its natural color is purely sun-in. For my hair type, it worked. I even have a review of it from a couple of years ago if you want to check it out.


Skip ahead to now and my cousin Emily has been talking about using Overtone in her hair. Overtone is basically a less damaging hair dye. I considered it but I wasn’t sold by the colors for brunettes.

One random night I stumbled across Kathleen Lights video “I HAVE PINK HAIR FOR A MONTH…testing temporary color”. Her hair is normally pretty identical to mine so when I saw her thumbnail I was like 😧she looks so pretty. So that then got me researching the product she used and where I could buy it. I text Emily and I was like yuuuup I am doing it haha.

So I got my butt to Sephora and in the check out line they had the colors I needed.

I used the Moroccan Oil Color Depositing Masks in the mini sizes. They were $7 each and I needed two.

This was my hair before pink.

This was my hair after the first round of dye. So this was one pack of hibiscus (pink) and one pack of rose gold. The color was really subtle and pretty but I wanted it to be a noticeable difference, it was going to wash out anyway.

So I head back to Sephora with my cousin Dani and she helps me get the second round of dying done.

Now get ready for the second round, it’s a pretty FUN change!

For me, it’s definitely weird having color in my hair lol. I don’t know how to act 🥴Maybe next time I will do a different color or do straight-up rose gold next time.

I never thought I could have fun hair haha. This is definitely the best way to experiment with color. The mask conditions your hair, it smells bomb, it is fairly inexpensive and it’s fun! All in I spent about $30 for a month or so of fun hair. It lasts about 5-7 washes which I feel is pretty accurate. I have super long thick hair so I definitely needed the two packs each round I dyed my hair. If you have short hair and you only want to do one color I would suggest one pack is more than enough.

DM me on Instagram if you have any questions! I would be more than happy to answer them.

If you guys want to see a video of the process head over to tik tok and search for me @catchthewavewithsam.

Is my hair still virgin after this? lmao. Hairstylists, please leave your expert opinions in the comments on my IG post.


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