🌟 MY GOALS FOR 2019 🌟

It is finally 2019 and I want to put goals into the universe. I truly believe in speaking things into existence. So starting this year I am going to put my goals for the year on the blog and next year I will see how much I accomplished.

  1. Finish my bachelor’s degree 🎓

  2. Get a job or make this blog have a real income 💸

  3. working with more brands and affiliation promotion

  4. Workout realistically at LEAST twice a month but ideally twice a week🥊

  5. Maintain posting on my blog once a week 💻

  6. Grow my blog and social media sites 📈

  7. Instagram- 10k followers

  8. Blog- 100 views a day

  9. Finish decorating my room 🎨

  10. Travel somewhere fun ✈️🚙

  11. Stop sweating the small stuff 😥

  12. Making time for myself 🛁

  13. spark my creativity

  14. Making the most of my relationships with loved ones❣️

  15. quality time

  16. paying attention to love languages

  17. giving sentimental gifts

  18. Ignoring toxic people ⚠️

#2019goals #goals

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