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Looking for some summer fun? I just went on a road trip from Los Angeles, CA to New Orleans, LA. I made this journey with Zack (my boyfriend for those of you who don’t know) and his little brother Caine. The reason for our trip was two different sneaker shows. My boyfriend is in the sneaker game(if you will) and he sells sneakers and different accessories. I will get more into this part of the trip in the second half of the post. This is the first half of my summer adventure. This part includes our stops along the way to Dallas and what we did on the first day in Dallas. 

JULY 4th, 2017

The road trip began at 9 am on July 4th. It took us about 14 hours to get from LA to Roswell, New Mexico. It was really nice because along the way we saw fireworks going off in the towns we crossed. Very American I’d say. At about 10 pm we started seeing lightning in the distance, and we started getting pretty freaked. Later in the trip, we learned this was very normal in the southwest states. We got to our hotel and were knocked out.

JULY 5th, 2017

International UFO Museum and Research Center

We got out of our hotel at 11 am and hit the alien stuff in Roswell first. This was the mural painted along the museum. Parking was free and it wasn’t too busy. The entrance was pretty cheap.

$5 for Adults and $3 for Children.

Across the way was a Mexican restaurant with this funny little painting. The restaurant was closed so we didn’t get the chance to go in. All the stores around the museum were alien-related but we bought everything from the museum gift shop. 

La Herradura

We decided to start heading for our next stop. We wanted to eat but of course, did not know where. We stopped at this place that had good yelp reviews. It was a town or two over in Artesia, NM.

Beef Enchiladas 

Beef Fajita

Chicken Fajita

Overall it was not the worst place. It was family-owned so it was not all that organized. For the low prices, it was pretty good. 

Carlsbad Caverns

We hit Carlsbad Caverns after lunch. I think it was a two-hour drive from our lunch spot!

Here is a little peak of the inside. I don’t want to spoil it too much. I will say it was an experience. We took the elevator down instead of the natural entrance. They recommended shoes but they paved our paths to follow, so I wouldn’t say they were totally necessary. It was chilly in the caverns but really nothing too cold. It was hard to get pictures as everything was really dark. Be prepared to take long exposure photos for maximum light. I would say if you have the time and you’re passing through it is a must-stop! We did the basic self-guided tour and it was well worth it.

Fuel City Tacos

Late that night we finally made it to Dallas. We stopped at the famous Fuel City for tacos. They were pretty good and did not remind me of gas station food at all. For you So Cal readers, it was similar to King Taco but not the same at all. We got the “beef fajita” tacos (so Tex-Mex). Really good and the best part is it’s open 24/7. The gas was cheap too!

The two salsa choices were both good. They tasted similar but gave an awesome kick to the tacos. They came with your meals!

We then headed to our hotel and knocked out (surprise). The next day we woke up late. We got up at about 10 am and were out the door at 11 am.

JULY 6th, 2017

Tutta’s Pizza

This place was in Downtown Dallas. We parked behind the pizza place next to T.G.I.F. We paid for about 4 hours total and that was enough time to see a few different things. The pizza was really good and the service was really good as well. The price was pretty hefty but they have the daily special of $10 to get a personal pizza and a drink. That would definitely be filling.

That awning is actually the T.G.I.F. We got ice cream at this little candy place inside the building a few doors down from T.G.I.F.

Sixth Floor Museum

We headed to the Sixth Floor Museum. We walked here from our parking. There are convenient maps all around showing where the landmarks are.

There were no photos on the 6th floor. This is the view from the 7th. The museum was really informative but it barely touched on the conspiracy front. 

This is the famous grassy knoll. There were a couple of signs with information but that is it. A man was actually sitting with videos and photos trying to give more information on the shooting and possible conclusive evidence. He said the museum was not willing to show the tapes, even for free. He finds that suspicious. Just a little extra information. Poor guy was sitting in the humidity all day!

J.F.K Memorial

We walked over to this memorial. Just a few streets away. I’m not really sure about the reasons why this was the memorial built. It seems very mysterious and vague. If you have any ideas please enlighten us down below!

Inside the walls was this platform. After this stop, we went back to the car and had to move over to the reunion tower.

Reunion Tower

Next, we moved to try to get to the Reunion Tower. The parking in the reunion tower lot seemed expensive. It was that or valet or walking a bit farther. We found meter parking across from this fountain (considerably cheaper). The walk to the tower was about 5 minutes. It cost $17 to go to the top. I would say it was worth it but I don’t think it is a must-have. It was pretty expensive for the experience. They did have nice games and interactive things on the top floor. Later in the night we actually got to see the tower light up so that was cool.

The tower from below.

The view from the top of the Reunion Tower.

Giant Eyeball

Our last stop in town was the giant eyeball in the middle of town. I thought you could get close to it but I suppose not. It may have just been the time I went. It was cool, just a quick pit stop.

The Porch

You guys… 

This place was worth every penny. It was a relatively expensive place but nothing too crazy. For what you get it is a definite win. 

This was a starter we order and it was sooooo good. It was called Burrata and Toast. Our server explained what you do in order for the best flavors. You basically smear the garlic on the bread then the bacon jam and then the cheese. Our server was really awesome too. Our drinks were never empty and he was on top of everything we asked for and gave us great information.

Some sort of beef pasta..I can’t remember haha

Chicken Sandwich 

Classic Hamburger

That my friends is the end of the first half of the trip. In the second half we head into Dallas, do both sneaker shows, go to New Orleans and head home! I will post the second half shortly. Subscribe via email to be sure not to miss it. I am also currently in Lake Havasu so wait on that post too! Comment down below with any more ideas on things to see and do in any of the places or in between. Thanks and I’ll catch the wave with you next time!


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