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My boyfriend and I spend a lot of time on Fairfax Ave. in LA. When we noticed a new hipster-looking restaurant we figured we would try it. The first time we went in, we just walked past and thought we would give it a try. The hostess was very sweet but said it would be a 40-minute wait. It looked as if a lot of tables were empty but maybe they were expecting a lot of reservations. She said we could sit at the bar but we decided to just try another time. The second time we went, we called to see if we needed reservations. We drove past around noon and saw it was open but when I went to Google it said their hours were not until later in the evening like 5 pm. I decided to call anyways and they said they just opened up their hours. The man told me I would not need a reservation and should just stop by. We got there about 1 pm and were seated right away.

(Parking can be difficult but we parked on the street behind them, right next to homes. There were no meters!) The staff was all friendly and the environment is very cute. My first impression of the restaurant was a more hipster version of Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. If you don’t know, Roscoe’s is a comfort food restaurant that is kind of home-like and casual. Sweet Chick is not by any means fancy but the time they took into the decorations gives it an elevated vibe.

This was the bar area. Neon sign, tall open shelving, brick wall, and a sliding ladder.

This is just zoomed out a little. Shows more of the ceiling and some tables. We were sitting in the very back corner against the window.

The adorable little flower arrangements on all the tables.

They gave us a spread of three different kinds of butter. My favorite was the pink one. I believe it was Raspberry butter.

I got a fried chicken waffle sandwich and my boyfriend got the classic chicken and waffle meal.

My meal was delicious. Although at first, it reminded me of Roscoe’s, the food was very different. I found their food to be more savory and obviously more elevated in plating. I am a fan of thicker-cut fries so for me the fries were not that great. Just sticks of potato really, so if you like potato chips, perfect! I do appreciate the bird’s nest vibe it brings to the plate though. My boyfriend enjoyed his meal as well!

Once you pay you receive this cute little sticker, nice little touch. The price wasn’t outrageous but for two people it was a little over $40. For what you get I would say this place is definitely a spot to hit up at least once. If you love the food it is a spot to enjoy all the time. All-in-all the meal was delicious, the employees were caring and the environment felt really nice. Leave a comment below if you have tried Sweet Chick(LA or NY location) and what your thoughts were!


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