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This trip was wild, to say the least. Zack and I took this trip to drop shoes off at a shoe store, Flight Club, in New York. They lost our luggage but we still managed to make the most of our trip. We were in two different cities every single day! Our trip was only 4 days long and we visited 6 different cities. That meant lots of singing in the car to stay awake and good conversations. We flew into Baltimore and then drove to NYC then stopped in Boston, Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington D.C and back to Baltimore. 

If anyone is interested in seeing a detailed outline of things we found to do and places to eat then scroll allll the way to the bottom! It is pretty long but includes a ton of stuff we didn’t actually get the chance to try.  

New York

Dos Caminos in Times Square

At our first stop, we met up with an old friend from elementary/ middle school. She was working an internship for the summer and we thought it would be perfect to grab lunch. We had fun catching up and seeing what she was up to! We hadn’t seen her since high school. 

This is Linsey! She has a super motivational fitness Instagram Check her out! 

The food was pretty good but expensive! It was literally in Times Square hahah we had no idea! Let me tell you, parking was $40 for ONE HOUR. I repeat ONE HOUR. You might as well park 20 minutes away and Uber😂 Once in a lifetime, it was def worth it! 

The food was really good but a little expensive. Knowing where it was, it wasn’t that shocking that it was expensive but I figured I would mention it still🙂 They have several different locations. So don’t worry if you want to try it you don’t have to go to Times Square necessarily haha.


The Paul Revere House

This was a crazy piece of history to walk through. Seeing Paul Revere’s home the way he lived in it with his family was amazing. I totally recommend stopping at this! They also had a student discount😁

They were installing some cobblestone right in front and it was def a good choice! It made it feel very historical. 

Boston Tea Party Harbor

We opted out to go to this museum. We were extremely short on time and the tour was guided so we had to stay for a specific amount of time. It also cost somewhere around $60 for each of us! I am sure it is totally worth it. We could see people on the boats throwing the tea overboard (pretty cool), but for us, it just wasn’t worth it! 


Benjamin Franklin Bridge

Being in Philadelphia made me feel like I was in National Treasure and I was so not mad about it. I loved that this bridge was blue, it was really pretty!

Liberty Bell

Again, National Treasure… Not going to lie I feel like the movie had the bell outside🤔. Who knows🤷🏻

Independence Hall

They kept this building pretty much identical to how they would have met in it back in the day. Super crazy to experience history like this. 

Tredici Entoca

These were a nice little appetizer. We were starving and needed something to help fill our tummies! These were meatballs.

This was literally the best chicken ever. Zack was pretty upset he didn’t order it. I definitely recommend this place!

His meal was still really delicious but compared to that chicken, you just can’t!!

The Rocky Steps

I won’t lie I have never seen the movie with Rocky training on these steps but I kinda sorta vaguely knew what it was. We went because Zack was a pretty big fan of the scene. 

This is across the street from the Rocky Steps. They were having some big event in the courtyard. Not sure what it was all about but it looked fun! 

The view from the bridge just before the Rocky Steps. 

Richmond, VA

The Fancy Biscuit

This place was really cute and different. I found them on Instagram, like most of the other restaurants we visited.

We both custom-made our biscuits. Zack’s looked super good!

Not going to lie, I didn’t love the Hollandaise sauce over mine. I will say the biscuit and the chicken was really good.

Washington D.C.

Tico DC

This margarita was so strong but in a good way! Loved it🙌🏼

The cauliflower tacos were really good too! I am trying to eat more plant-based so I figured ordering different things to see what’s good is a good way to get started.  God, I also really love fish tacosssss. I have a new addiction to fish tacos😭

The White House

The backside of the White House.

The front. We were on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. They had the whole street area fenced off for some reason. Zack and I remember going all the way up to the fence on our 8th-grade trip.


Edgar Allan Poe House

These were the extremely narrow stairs up to his bedroom. 

This was his bedroom. Super simple compared to what our interior design looks like nowadays. 

Thank you guys so much for catching the wave with us🌊 ‘Til the next trip✌️ Love you guys! Like I said in the beginning, I have the whole detailed list of everything we wanted to see below! Check it out🧐

Baltimore Trip (Aug 14-18)

Tuesday: 🌟 Arrive Midnight Baltimore Drive rental car to Hotel🚙🏨

Wednesday: 🌟 Drive to NYC @6am (Arrive 11am-Leave 2 pm)🚙 👀 – Flightclub Drop-Off – New York Tent Sale – Round2 NYC – Origins NYC Lunch 🎂 -Isle of Capri- Italian-Central Park- $$ -Anthony and son panini shop- fun sandwiches – Brooklyn- $$ -Izzy’s BBQ- Brooklyn-$$ -Otto’s Tacos- east village-$$ -Dos Caminos-$$ -Dö- cookie dough- Greenwich village Drive to Boston (Arrive @ 6:30 pm) 🚙 Hotel in Boston 🏨 Dinner 🎂 -Lincoln Tavern- American-Tacos-$$ -Lower Depths-bar-$$ -Sassafras Somerville-American-$$ -Fiorella-Italian-$$ -Sweet Cheeks q -Saus -B.GOOD -Burro Bar – Brookline Mike and Patty’s- breakfast sandwich 👀 -Paul Revere’s House/ Mall -Corey Hill Outlook Park -Salem Witch Trials -Downtown Boston

Thursday: 🌟 Leave Boston @ 8:30am 🚙 Arrive Philadelphia, Pa at 2:30 pm Lunch/ Dinner🎂 -Johnny’s Brenda-American-$$ -Jane G’s- Korean- $$ -Tredici Entoca- Italian/steak-$$ 👀 -Liberty Bell -The Rocky Steps-Philadelphia Museum of Art -First US Post Office -Oldest Street- Elfreth’s Alley -Boathouse Row- waterfall with homes -South Street- beautiful colorful buildings -Ben Franklin Bridge- sunset Leave Philadelphia at 7 pm 🚙 Drive to Richmond, VA (Arrive Midnight) Hotel in Richmond, VA 🏨

Friday: 🌟 Wake up at 8am Go have Breakfast 🥞 -Bakers Crust Artisan Kitchen- $$ -521 Biscuit and Waffles -The Fancy Biscuit!!!-$ -Capitol Waffle Shop-fun waffles-$$ 👀 -Round2 VA -Legend Kicks VA Leave Richmond around 1pm Drive to Springfield, VA (Arrive 3pm)🚙 👀 -CoolkicksVA Lunch🎂 -Aroma Cafe- Columbia’s -Taco Bamba- Mexican bar- $ Drive to Washington, DC (Arrive 4:30)🚙 Dinner 🎂 -Union Market -Sugar Lab- ice cream -Federalist Pig- bbq-$$ -El Centrist DF- Mexican-$$ -Founding Farmers- everything-$$ 👀 -Chinatown- Friendship Gate Leave Washington, DC (Leave 9-10pm) Arrive Baltimore @ 11pm 🚙

Saturday: 🌟 Wake up at 7am Go have breakfast 🥞 👀 -Edgar Allan Poe’s house -Lexington market Lunch🎂 -Blue Agave – Mexican- $$ -Italian Disco

Leave to Airport @ 2pmish ✈️


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